Baron's Haven Freehold Inc.

Baron's Haven Freehold, Inc., is an effort to build a full time year round and very large historic living facility. Although similar to a Ren Faire in that it will be open to the public, BHFI differs in its attention to historical accuracy, its open-participation model for medieval living history groups, and its mission to be a full-year facility.

BHFI is fully incorporated, with carefully structured bylaws, engineering and planning and a well rounded approach to keeping the place sustainable by paying attention to the necessity to make it financially self-sufficient as would have been any proper city-state.

It also incorporates a unique approach to the problem of fantasy interests overlapping and interfering with historic interests by placing separate sections near each other but divided by a forested hill and careful delineation of boundaries.

Most important to many is the extreme care that has gone into planning for the facility to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still integrating as many modern safety and creature comforts as possible, such as flush toilets (specially built to look like old style latrines of the 15th Century), and things like showers and disguised heating.

Also of great importance to many is that this is a facility designed, owned, operated and intended for people of the reenactment community.