[ANT] Grand Thing VII

The winter snows begin to melt and soon we will see the first green of spring.  It’s time once again to gather together, meet in celebration, take council, and renew our bonds of friendship.

The Barony of Stromgard and the Village of Bjorgvin invite you to come and join our fires
this Memorial Day Weekend at the 7th Annual Grand Thing! As in years past, this family friendly event will offer something for everyone. 

May 25-28, 2012
Columbia County Fairgrounds - St. Helens, OR

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of good friends at the grand potluck feastand join in as the Lawspeaker
  • presides over the All Thing
  • Test your mettle on the battle field by fighting in the Multi-weapons Tournament, with five weapons styles (sword & shield, axe & shield, spear & shield, two-handed axe, and two-handed spear) with a Master Grendal Damascus Spear as the prize the Memorial Great Axe Tournament (bring word fame of the fallen in song, prose, or saga to enter), the Monastery
  • Raid (where you keep what items you escape with), and a Domination Tourney. Can you withstand the Storm of Steel?
  • Compete for prizeson the archery range or vie to be the next baronial Archery Champion.
  • Enjoy thrown weapons competitions, Nordic games, a Bardic Circle, and much more.
  • Learn about Nordic Viking Age and Irish arts through arts and sciences classes.
  • Vie for the esteemed titles of “BestGarb for your Station"or "Best Hospitality"(see website for specifics)
  • Many activities for teens and children: Saturday nightteen dance, children’s Grand Thing luncheonSaturday in Bjorgvin, and much more. No Site Fee for anyone 17 or under!
  • Attend the Royal Courtof Their Royal Majesties Ieuan and Gwyneth and the baronial court of Their Excellencies Tiernan and Miranda as they give accolades to deserving gentles

Fantastic prizes are offered for all events and contests!

Merchants:  are welcome with a donation of your choice to the prize chest.

Pre-registration is available through ACCEPS, or at the event website

Pre-registration is never required however you can save $5 by doing so.