[ART] Regional Fighter Practice

Welcome to Silverkeep on Sunday, April 22, 2012 from 1-7pm at the SOB barn on MSU campus.

Everyone is welcome!!!

This is a themed regional fighter practice. Bring a pot luck dish you wish to share. It would be nice if you could bring a pot lunch dish that is persona focused, possibly a dish your persona would have made, or even a dish from the medieval period of your persona's culture. Please write your ingredients list on a card.

Bring your feast gear. There will not be ANY disposable feast gear provided unless you bring it yourself. Clean up is what you carry in you must carry out. There will be some tables and chairs. There are plug in outlets for crock pots, though not too many. The decor is rustic, if you wish to fancy up your table, bring a cloth.

Sometimes the barn is cooler, so bring a nice warm sweater.

There is space for heavy and light fighters to practice inside. If it is really nice, there is room outside as well.

Those willing, there will be time, and for those inclined a circle crafting environment for hand work; to share ideas and be creative together.


>From the highway, take the south 19th exit. Follow it down through lights at Valley Center, Dead Man's Gulch, Baxter, Tschache Lane, Oak, Durston, Bealle, Huffine, Babcock, and Koch. Go past the College and 19th intersection.

Turn left onto West Garfield road. Follow this road down past 3 stop signs. (you will be on campus in the middle of family housing).

Past the last stop sign you will see a large barn on your right. Take a right onto the SOB barn street, its not marked.

Elias (Knight Marshal) elias_ironwolf@yahoo.com
Auletes (Deputy Knight Marshal) brotherdragon2@yahoo.com
M'Lady Ankharet (MOAS) ankharet_mt@yahoo.com