Offers Forums for Employment Available, Employment Sought is pleased to announce two new forum areas, both of which are intended to unite those seeking employment with those whose companies have positions available.

The Employment Available forum is a place for members of the living history community to post available positions with their companies. This can include merchants seeking full-time or part-time help (or even just short-term employees for an event) as well as employment not related directly to the Middle Ages. If your company is hiring, consider sharing the job posting with other readers of!

The Employment Sought forum is where readers who are currently seeking a job can post a brief summary of their skills and the type of position sought, as well as their email contact information, for prospective employers to browse.

Both of these forums are intended as a bulletin-posting area, rather than as a place for extended discussions between prospective employers and employees. If you post to one of the forums, please include your email address and name (and company name and web URL, if posting an available job). To protect your privacy, please do not post other personal contact information such as postal addresses and home or cell phone numbers. The forums are public and can be read by anyone on the Internet.

In addition to the direct links above, both of these new forums are listed in our Forums section, accessible by clicking on the link in the navigation bar on any page. provides these forums as a public service to members of the living history community, in hopes that they will be useful. However, only moderates the forums very lightly, to remove overt violations of our terms of service (such as pornography or spam). Negotiations between employer and employee are strictly between those involved, and cannot assume responsibility for the outcome.