[MER] Iris Faire

We of the Shire of Glaedenfeld invite everyone to attend Iris Faire - April 20-22, 2012!  This event will be a grand collection of fighting, arts, sciences, feasting and much more!  Merchants are welcomed and encouraged.

Iris Faire will also be host to the last regional A&S faire before Kingdom A&S.  If you have interest in getting your projects before the judges in anticipation of a kingdom level presentation, then Iris Faire is the time and place to do it!  This A&S faire is also a good time for first time applicants to dive in with both feet.  All are encouraged to come by and participate.

The Faire will also be a great opportunity for all to hone their combat skills.  With Crown List on the horizon, come out and perfect your fight!  Also, as in years past, we will host the Gold and Silver Iris Tournaments.  The coveted prizes for these tourneys are being provided by our local artisans. 

Lastly, a prodigious Feast has been planned, followed by a great revel.  As in past years everyone is invited and encouraged to stay for the revel and have fun!  Be aware though, the site is discretely wet.

Please come and join us at Iris Faire!

The site will open after 6pm and is located at Montgomery Bell State Park, 1020 Jackson Hill Road, Burns, TN 37029
Contact info, email forms and A&S Faire rules are available online. Click below.

Lord Dougal
Autocrat, Iris Faire 2012