The super heroes of Gulf Wars 2012

At Gulf Wars XXI, Sir Geoffrey was tasked by Their Majesties of Meridies to capture the fun and frolic at the Meridies-sponsored Grand Social. The theme was "Super Heros." Sir Geoffrey's slide show of the event is available online.

Sir Geoffrey writes:

At Gulf Wars this year Merides hosted a grand social for all to attend, and apparently most people did. As usual, a theme that is not your normal SCA party theme was chosen and it turned out to be a big hit with all of the people who attended. The theme was "Super Heroes".   Yep, that is what I said... "Super Heroes".  The costumes that people came up with were AWESOME!  It was way cool to see all the super heroes, and super villains! Well lots of pictures were taken and I have compiled them and I would like to post the link so that everyone can enjoy them.

Other photo albums from Gulf Wars XXI are also available on the site.