[AET] Vikings on the River 3

Vikings on the River 3 - FREE April 7th, 2012   9am - 7pm

Cochranton American Legion
203 West Adams
Street, Cochranton, PA 16314

9am - Site Opens

Set up your personal areas.  Change clothes, begin Norse Trivia Contest (forms available at Troll), and set out your A&S Display items. A&S Display will continue all day with Autocrat's Choice to be announced at 5:30pm. The theme is all things Norse.

11am Classes Begin - refer to class schedule for more information
12pm - 1pm Lunch Potluck - soup, bread and beverage provided by the Shire of Riversedge
1pm Classes Resume
1 - 1:15pm Armoring Time
1:45pm Armor Inspections
2pm - 3pm Holmganger Tournament - Traditional Viking Cloak Tournament. Step out with one foot, you're legged. Step out with both feet, you're dead. Double elimination, each round random draw.
3pm - 4pm Iron Man Tournament -  Endurance Test in Armor only.  Only 2 people puked last year
4pm - 5pm Danish Axe Tournament - 4-6ft long axes, no butt spikes, must have an axe head. Loaners available.
5:30pm - Announcement of Tourney Winners, Trivia Winner, Teacher Thanks Yous, and Autocrat's Choice for A&S
7pm Site closed - Thank you very much and have a safe trip home!!!

Reminder - Site Fee is just 3 American silver coins of any denomination or 3 canned food items, which will be donated to a local food pantry. NMS of $5 still applies for those with no membership cards.

If you have any questions, please contact the Autocrats, Mistress Marsi of Hadley and Sir Stefan Ulfkelsson at swally@windstream.net

Tentative Class List:

  • Needle Felting
  • Fire Building with Flint and Steel
  • 4 Paneled Cap
  • Basic Nalbinding
  • Early Norse presence in the Orkney islands
  • Wire Knitting
  • How to Wear a Ladies Head Cloth based on the Dublin Finds
  • Bread for Beginners
  • The 2 Measurement Apron Dress for Dummies
  • Herb Craft for Parents and Children
  • Making and Antler Comb
  • Basic Bagged Cheese making
  • Hand Sewing
  • Viking Age herbs in Northern Europe
  • Intro to Inkle Weaving
  • Center Boss Shield
  • Research Room with APA Doc Handout available