Their Majesties of Caid Decide Likely Future of Southern Reaches

Guilliame and Felinah, King and Queen of Caid, have made a decision on the future of Southern Reaches (New Zealand) and will be making their recommendation to the Board of Directors. In a recent message to Their Majesties of Caid, Daphne of Colchester, Society Seneschal, recommended that the petition to change the territorial holding of Southern Reaches (New Zealand) from the Kingdom of Caid to the Kingdom of Lochac be accepted. In her letter she cited a poll, several petitions, letters of explanation and opinion, and letters of support and non-support, all of which helped with the decision.

For Their part, Guilliame and Felinah, King and Queen of Caid, asked to bring closure to the debate by recommending that the petition be forwarded. They wrote:

There is no question that the Crown, officers and people of this kingdom have anything but the deepest respect for the populace of Southron Gaard, Ildhafn and Darchester. Everyone appreciates the contributions the individuals in these groups have made to the Kingdom of Caid throughout the years, but regardless of the personal bonds of friendship which exist between mainland Caid and its southern marches, the logistic and administrative realities of the situation all point to one fact: the SCA of New Zealand will be better served in the future by an affiliation with the Kingdom of Lochac.

In closing, Their Majesties suggested that the traditional ties of friendship between Southern Reaches and Caid will not be severed and that the adjustment will help both groups continue to grow. Their Majesties will now officially request the transition, which will progress at the discretion of the SCA Board of Directors.