Gorey Moment at Drachenwald Crown Tournament

Paul de Gorey won Drachenwald Crown Tournament on 31 March 2012, fighting for Aryanhwy merch Catmael, on a cool grey morning at Linnet Clough in Cheshire.

William of Richwood was his opponent in the final bout, fighting for Isabetta del Verde.  Paul and Aryanhwy were invested as Crown Prince and Princess later in the evening by King Sven and Queen Siobhan of Drachenwald.  This was the first major event held by the Incipient Shire of Deepdene under Wychwood, based in and around Coventry.

Master Paul de Gorey, a longstanding member in Great Britain and Master of the Laurel since 1996, will maintain his wife Lady Anne of Wokingham as a "bit on the side" during his reign.  Likewise, Lady Aryanhwy, best known throughout the Society as a former Pelican Queen of Arms, will maintain her husband Joel as her private secretary and fancy man.

The final fight of the final bout was yielded by Viscount William of Richwood, already on his knees, when Master Paul took his off hand.  The gracious concession of the bout moved at least one herald in the list to tears.

The tournament was long by Drachenwald standards, a nine-round Round Robin list, each bout fought best two fights out of three with a five-fight final bout. The list was a large, rough-surfaced grass area at the Linnet Clough scout camp, and the tournament was witnessed by Drachenwald's king and queen, by Clancy and Ursula the Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis, and by a troop of boy scouts.  The tournament concluded with a long-awaited dinner at 2pm.

Viscount Robert of Canterbury fought the entire tournament with a seven-foot spear.  Duchess Alessandra Melusine, Mistress of the Lists, kept a full record of victory and defeat.