[ATL] Highland River Melees

It is the year 1485. The Battle of Bosworth is about to begin. Richard III (York) and Henry Tudor (Lancaster) have drawn their battle plans and the sides are marching into position.

A & S competition themes will center around the white and red roses - with the red Lancastrian rose and the white Yorkist rose. It is also appropriate per period to use a red dragon for Lancaster and a white boar for York.

June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Little Orleans Campground
31661 Green Forest Dr., S.E., Little Orleans, /MD/ 21766

Site opens June 1, 5:00
Site Closes Sunday, June 3 12:00
Anyone still on the campground at 11:00 will be considered part of the clean-up crew and put to work

Site is wet
Only certified service animals allowed

Torchlight Tourney Friday Evening
Melees Saturday

Site Fee Adult $12.00 Children $4.00
Feast Saturday evening by House Blackstar
Feast Fee Adult $8.00 Children $4.00
Camping Fee Adult & Children $5.00

Saturday Breakfast & Lunch - Fundraiser by Ed the Tinker

A&S Competition
Brewing Competition

Questions to:
Berengaria of Leighton Buzzard bachwats AT comcast.net
Autocrat, HRM

Chatelaine, Barony of Highland Foorde
Kingdom of Atlantia