Riding with the Atenveldt Equestrians

Combat, both armored and equestrian, is alive and well in the Kingdom of Atenveldt - Arizona in the modern world. recently reporter Kristy Siefkin, of the Fox News affiliate in Phoenix, met with members of the SCA to discuss combat and armoring. (video)

Atenveldt members, such as Kimberly Fischer and Saragrace Knauf, spoke with Siefkin about their sport and the training and preparation needed to participate. "At some point during their training, knights would have to train when they're not actually in the battle field, so they set up a lot of these kinds of things to do their practicing and get their finesse down," said Saragrace Knauf.

Siefkin also visited an armorers shop to observe the process of crafting the armor used in SCA combat.