[NOR] The Youth Event

We, Lady Typhaine and I, are the Event Stewards for the Youth Event, Kids get a Castle...II. We have come up with a fabulous theme for our children. We would like them to have a living experience of the Eight Virtues of being a Knight.

When Her Excellency Gwyneth was territorial Princess of Northshield, She challenged Conn, who was Her champion, to find members of the populace who embodied seven specific Chivalric Virtues before the end of the reign.

He did, naming the people below:
For Courtoise:  Isaac de Hugo
For Joi de Vivre:  Gaius Niklos Luctator
For Piety / Reverence:  Wulfgang von der Loen
For Generosity:  Margaret Malise de Kyrkyntolaghe
For Humilitas:  Geoffrey and Anne Geoffreys of Warwick
For Loyalty:  Olaf Bloodax (and Shadewes Company)
For Honesty:  Prince Dafydd ap Gwalchmai

At various events, the Champion Conn announced that he had found someone, an Avatar of one of these virtues, present them to his Princess in Court, and explain to the whole populace why they embodied that particular virtue.

At the Investiture in which Prince Daffydd and Princess Gwyneth stepped down, Conn called forth all of the Avatars chosen thus far; again, he told the people of Northshield why these gentle persons had been chosen. As they came forth, Conn arranged them physically, some upon the floor, and some upon the raised dais behind them, handing to each one a sign bearing the name of "their virtue". Those signs were shaped as long points and were white, and they were held by the Avatars to form seven of the points of the Compass Rose (which is, of course, one of Northshield's most important symbols).

Noting that the Compass Rose was still one missing point, Conn added that one important Chivalric Virtue had not been included in the list given him -- Noblesse/Franchise -- and that this was represented best by Gwyneth, the Princess who had begun his quest in order to raise up others before, and inspire, Her people.

Now, at this year's Youth Event, we will set up eight stations to represent these eight Chivalric Virtues. Each will be stewarded by a Lord or Lady who represents one of those virtues within Northshield and/or our Society.


    Virtue stations
    Campfire stories, tales and marshmallows
    Court: to Crown the new King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of the Kingdom of the Rising Star
    The Compass Rose formation by the Children holding Lanterns.
    And more to come...


Camp Rokilio
14404 Rokilio Rd
Kiel, WI 53042

Feast Info

Feast Steward: Lord Vitaliano Vincenzi (vitalianovincenzi ~A~T~ gmail ~D~O~T~ com)

This will be a three course meal following the more modern tradition of appetizer, meal, dessert.

Pre-Registration And Fees

all weekend w/continental breakfast -- does not include feast (32 beds available: assigned first-come, first-serve)

Kids $18.00 per person
Adults** $23.00 per person
Family of 4 cap $80.00

Day trippers/sat. night/outdoor camping -- does not include feast
Kids $15.00
Adults** $20.00

Feast (50 max): $7 per person
Lunch: There will be no pre-registration for Lunch.