Pennsic University Call For Classes

It's that time again ... Pennsic may feel a lifetime away but it's right around the corner. Deadline for registering classes is May 1, 2012. Earlier is better. Really. It is.

We've presented a pretty impressive series of Heraldic Tracks over the years for Pennsic University and I'd like this year to be no different.

What do we need, you ask? I'm glad you asked. Fundamental classes, Intermediate classes, Advanced classes, Court, Voice, Armory, Names .. pretty much everything.

We have the hardest time getting Heraldic Display and Culturally Specific classes but we truly do need to cover a wide range of interests for heralds, new and old and non-heralds who want to learn.

Please go to the page below and register your class.

Then Forward your confirmation e-mail to me at    Gisela DOT vomKreuzbach AT gmail DOT com  so I can be certain I have all the classes to enter into my spread sheet.

If you've never taught at Pennsic University, don't worry. It's not any harder than teaching at your local group except it's new people. I can't wait to see what you lot send me this year!