SCA Thailand: The Documentary

Lord Johann Wulf from the Barony of the Far West, Canton of the Golden Playne (Bangkok, Thailand) has put together a documentary for the SCA in Thailand.

The video includes a fighter practice and interviews.

SCA in Thailand

 Excellent documentary! The production is very professional, and everyone looks like they are having so much fun. This is the SCA I remember from my early days. 

When I was visiting Thailand in 1983, I visited with a krabi krabong coach at Chulalongkorn University. I told him about the SCA, how the early developers of SCA fighting were inspired by the sport to use rattan for swords, and showed him photos. He took me to a collegiate training session and later to a professional exhibition. 

Please accept my best wishes for continued success and fun in the SCA. 

-- Signy

Baroness Signy Dimmridaela, Mistress of the Laurel

Thank you so much. 1983 was

Thank you so much. 1983 was the year I was born. Our most senior member, Magister Baron Klement St Christoph also teaches at Chulalongkorn University. Do you still have the photos from the day you visited the Krabi Krabong session and/or the exhibition please?

 Thank you very much for your

 Thank you very much for your approval :) 

You are welcome

Thank you very much for contributing the story!

Kind regards,