SCAtoday to exclusively publish stories about same-sex consorts

Citing record readership of stories about Inspirational Equality and the same-gender consort debate, the editorial board at SCAtoday announced that they will now be adding the phrase "same-sex consort" to every new article.  Stories on the topic garnered over 15,000 reads, with at least 80 of those coming from people outside of An Tir.

"It was amazing!" gushed publisher Justinos Tekton, "People commented in the forums and everything!"

Stories set for next week include, "Three to receive peerages in Aethelmarc same-sex consort", "Same-sex consorts wanted for kingdom webminister position", and "12th century silver coin found in Wales by same-sex consorts."

When asked why they chose the term same-sex consort as opposed to the more politically correct same-gender consort, Justinos Tekton leered and replied "Because it sounds more naughty. Nudge Nudge, wink wink, Say no more."