West/AnTir War to Feature A&S War Point

Sabrina de la Bere, Minister of Arts for the Kingdom of the West, has announced that there will be an A&S War Point at this year's West/An Tir War July 2-5, 2004 in Crescent City, CA.

Sabrina de la Bere writes:

This year for West/An Tir there will be an A&S War Point. So spread the word and lets get the artisans of this Kingdom out to gain this war point for us!!

There will be 3 A&S prize competitions. The Kingdom whose representatives win 2 out of 3 of the competitions will win the war point. Competitors win the prizes.

The competitions are:

  • Tableware: any item used on a table to decorate it or used during a meal
  • Knives and Sheaths
  • Performing Art: Topic is Honor: any form of presentation: 5 minute maximum

The West Kingdom judging sheets will be used for these competitions so remember there are 5 points available for documentation. Copies of the judging sheets are available at http://arts-sciences.westkingdom.org/competitions.html. Also if you look at some of the resources available on this website you might find useful information about documentation.

The Tableware and Knives/Sheaths competitions will be held Saturday and the Performing Arts competition will be held Saturday night. Listen for announcements of location to drop off entries and for the performance.

War is not just for fighting any more!! Let the artisans take heart and participate in furthering the aims of their Kingdom.

In Service,

Sabrina de la Bere
Minister of Arts - Kingdom of the West