Gulf Wars: It's about fun

The chivalry and pageantry of Gulf Wars was recorded recently when Tim Doherty of the Hattiesburg American visited the War. His report, along with a slideshow of 32 remarkable photographs, is available online.

"Think Chaucer meets Medici, with a little Aladdin and Eric the Red thrown in," writes Doherty about his experience at the War. He spoke with a number of attendees including Baron James Cunningham, whose falcon was the subject of several of the photos.

Since Gulf Wars is, of course, a war, Doherty spent time talking to armored combatants, including His Highness Prince Harafin of Ansteorra. "This is a martial activity," Prince Harafin said. "It's not staged at all. It's full contact, so you're out there, trying to hit the other person, and they have armor to help absorb it."

The reporter added, "And while safety is the prime directive, with all participants required to meet certain skill levels and weapons being blunted and bobbed, events like the "Melee" are not for the faint of heart."