[OUT] Peasants, Rogues, and Wenches

Far away, in the Northern Outlands, lies the beautiful Barony of Caer Galen--a true jewel of the Kingdom. In that fair barony, gracious ladies and honorable gentlemen engage in noble pursuits to the great advancement of their Kingdom, their Barony and their own good names.

Yes, throughout the entire Barony there is nothing but goodness and virtue...EXCEPT at that unspeakable, disreputable and generally scandalous den of iniquity...The Dog and Fire Arms. There, the proprietors, Ian and Olivia the Devious, caution that-- while there is much fun by way of song, drink, cloven fruit, gambling and bragging rights-- there are also many dangers.

Leave your signs of rank, titles and coronets at the door, as these things will only attract the attention of ruffians. Oh beware! for in such a place even the noblest person may be tempted to thieve and pickpocket for the honor of becoming the king or queen of thieves. And even the gentlest soul may find them-selves vying with skilled assassins to become the king or queen of rogues.

And need we warn of the bawdy wenches? Of a certainty, they will steal your heart--and probably your purse...or worse.  But no hard feelings, you can still nominate (or compete to be) the most talented wench at the Dog and Fire Arms for the coveted and hard-earned title of Queen of Whores.

Leave your young children at home as they may be kidnapped and sold into slavery. Minors between 16—18 years of age will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and a waiver will be signed---or it’s off to the slave auctions for them too!

At the Dog and Fire Arms gambling, thieving, dancing on tables, and even assassination are highly encouraged. You may thieve or bribe your way out of a flogging and the stocks. Come! Eat, Drink and Be Merry...for, at the Dog and Fire Arms, Fun is the only rule!

Please join us May 5, 2012, from 2pm—11pm at the Altona Grange Hall: 9386 N 39th Street. 

Site is on the corner of Nelson Rd. and N. 39th St.   From Longmont, take Nelson Rd west about 11 miles, turn left at N. 39th St.  From Boulder take Hwy. 36 north, exit on Nelson, go east about 1—2 miles, turn right on 39th St.

Site Fee:  $8, no non member surcharge—Checks written to SCA Inc—Caer Galen

Site is Very Wet! We will check IDs. There will be stew, sausage, cheese, bread, and fruit for dinner but other side dishes are always welcome

For further information contact the autocrats:
Ian of Nightsgate at scratch  at   graffiti.net and Olivia Aragon y Montoya at maestra.olivia1   at  gmail.com