[MER] Fool's War XXIV

POX! PLAGUE!!! BLACK DEATH!!! LEPROSY!!! How many ways can you die at
Fools War!?!?!?

Come catch the plague, and try to find the cure. Participate in various activities to find the cure that matches the affliction you are suffering and cure yourself! There are several plagues running loose at Fools War this year so it might take several tries to cure yourself.  But do not fear, you have many chances to find that right cure, or you can trade your cures with your friends. However, be wary, for you might just catch the plague again... and again... and again...  In period times, an estimated half the population of Europe died from the plague. Can you beat the odds?

Site: Sandy Beach Park is located on Moseley Dixon Road near I-475.

To reach Sandy Beach Park from the east (I-16):

Directions: Take I-75 South from I-16. Take GA 74 west at Exit 163, and continue on this road past Bloomfield Road and Columbus Road, and over I-475. About 500 feet past the intersection of 74 and Tucker/Heath Roads (first red light after I-475), take the next left, Moseley-Dixon Road. Go two miles, then turn left into Sandy Beach Park.

Site maps and schedules will be made available at Troll onsite. Please check with Information Point for camping details, volunteer information, newcomer assistance, and other event information after trolling in.


Thursday through Sunday: $12  ||  Friday through Sunday: $10 || Saturday & Sunday: $8
Non-members add $5.  Make reservation checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Tir Briste.
All guests 60 and older or 12 and younger get FREE ADMISSION to Fools’ War!
Note:  Checks will NOT be accepted at the door.