Society Seasonal Archery Challenge

Baron Bjorn Hrafnsson, Artemisia Kingdom Archer General, reports that the SCA will sponsor a series of archery shoots open to all archers of the Known World.

His Excellency writes:

Greetings Archers,

A new Society-wide series of shoots is being developed with the aim to provide an opportunity to practice different types of shoots and compare your results with others in the Knowne World. There are no prizes or awards associated with these shoots and are intended solely for the enjoyment of those chosing to participate.

There will be a new shoot developed every three months and the results will be available on the Scores Website.

The first shoot will be similar to one put on by Baron Braden at Uprising last year.  A series of metal loops, of decreasing size, shot from 25 yards.

For a complete description of the shoot, click on the link below.

Yours in Service,
Baron Bjorn Hrafnsson, OL
Kingdom Archer General