[DRA] Collegium of Defence

The Canton of Turmstad, in the ancient Barony of Knights Crossing, would like to invite all who love the art of the flashing blade, this 22nd of June till 24th of June 2012, to come to this year's Collegium of Defence.

Here you shall hone and acquire the skills of Fencing. Those learned in the craft of sword play shall endeavor to help you to be as  sharp as the best swords.

The chief focus will be on the art of the rapier combat of the SCA and classes in Cut & Thrust.

This Collegium would be a splendid opportunity for all those that have never tried Rapier Combat but would like to do so.

The Canton of Turmstad can Provide three sets of armour and Weapons for those wishing to try this noble Art.

This Site has beds but you must provide your own bedding. For those coming from afar please contact the Steward for assistance.  Camping Space is also available.

If you are interested in teaching a class at this year's Collegium of Defence please contact the Steward.

Site fee:

Adults 30 € for the Weekend / 15 € for Daytrip
Children 8 - 14 15€ for the Weekend
under 8 free

Site location:

Callenberg 11,
96450 Coburg, Germany

Site opens Friday the 22nd at 17:00 o'clock and closes Sunday the 24th at 12:00 o'clock

For those flying Nürnberg (Airport Code : NUE) is the closest airport. Pickups by prearrangement only.

The closest Train station is Coburg

Event Steward:
Gottfried Kilianus gottfriedkilianus@yahoo.com

Marshal in charge:
Gottfried Kilianus gottfriedkilianus@yahoo.com

Feast Steward:
Magdelena Grace Vane baroness.maggie@googlemail.com

If you have allergies, food sensitivity problems, or other special food requirements, please contact the Feast Steward in good time so that your needs can be cared for.