[LOC] Foundation of Lochac 30th Year Celebration

30 years ago, the SCA Lochac had it's first major event in Campsie, Sydney. Those who founded Lochac came from university, fantasy and gaming circles. They formed a medieval group that after a while decided to join the world wide SCA.

They had a dream before we even called it the dream. This is their story, and therefore ours.

Lochac 30th Year Celebration Event

Addison Rd Community centre Great Hall, on Addison Road Marrickville.
This Location is the same location as Reverse Garbage. There is plenty of parking at site and road parking around the area. I have been told there is also a bus that goes along Addison Road.
Museum display photos and relics 5 to 6 PM
Theatre and storytelling 6 – 8

Students $10, booked $20, at the door $30,
Founders (pre 1982) in for free

Come to learn, come to celebrate, come to meet and honour our founders and those who were lucky enough to be at that first event (that's where I was).

This will not be your usual event. History as theatre and story is what this event is about, reliving the creativity and eccentricity of our beginnings

There will be plenty of food but no feast structure. Table with selections whenever you want.

There will be people you have not seen for years – for example: Hrolf and Madelaine from Ynys Fawr, along with a bunch of other dinosaurs.

Do not come if you want an ordinary feast where you sit up the back getting drunk and talking to your friends. Come to watch, participate and interact, and learn where we all came from.

Bookings to lochac30@gmail.com

Enquiries and if you wish to help me with theatre or organisation , or if you are an "ancient one", please contact me at: llewentheunruly@gmail.com

Stewarded by Llewen the Unruly