Estrella A&S Collegium Update

Lady Elsa Olavintytar, Deputy Collegium Coordinator for Estrella War, has posted information about A&S classes at the upcoming War.

Lady Elsa writes:

Estrella War is approaching. For some of us, that means A&S classes! We here at the Estrella A&S Collegium want to make sure you have a few details:

You can find the online schedule of classes by clicking below. You can also access this through the Estrella War web site. The first tab gives the long form of classes and descriptions (is it sortable) and the additional tabs give the schedules for each day. We are constantly updating this schedule.

If you'd like to reschedule or change the classes you are signed up to teach, let us know ASAP ( If you've been meaning to sign up to teach something, but have been procrastinating, please sign on up. We would love to have your class.

Questions? Email or Talk to Lady Siobhan (Collegium Boss Lady), or Lady Nefratiri or me (Deputy Minions).
Thanks so much!
Lady Elsa Olavintytar
Deputy Collegium Coordinator
Kingdom A&S Champion