[EAS] Feast of Fools

Come one, come all to Lyndhaven's ninth annual Feast of Fools! This event will take place on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at the Lindsay Valley Lodge at CFB Gagetown (Oromocto, NB).

We will either have the hall from 5 pm onward or for the full day if the cross-country ski trails have been closed for the season. An announcement will be made as soon as we know.

In any event, we will have a potluck feast to start at 6 pm. The theme for this year's potluck feast will be "modern food masking as medieval". For example, your dish could be named as something medieval even though it is modern food, or your food could be disguised as something medieval. As always, please have a list of ingredients available for those with food allergies.

The feast will be followed by a "court of fools" featuring a king and queen of fools, as determined by public auction!

How is the auction done, you ask? On the Lyndhaven group list, anyone can nominate willing participants as the king and/or queen of fools. The nominated individuals must agree by responding on the same list. Each nomination must be accompanied by a stated dollar amount of donation. All donations will be collected and given to the Tir Mara Royal Travel Fund. Only the highest donation will win the auction, but all stated donations for other candidates must be honoured. The auction will close at midnight on Saturday, March 24th, to give the monarch time to prepare for court.

What happens at a Court of Fools, you ask? Foolish laws are passed, fools are tried and convicted of foolish crimes, foolish gifts are given, and foolish honours are bestowed. Everything is in jest, and all for the enjoyment of the foolish audience. Any fool can ask to be heard, and all cases must be fool-proof. Taxes are paid in fool's gold. There is even a rumour circulating that Alan Faux might attend this year's Court of Fools!

After the court, we will have singing, music, and maybe a little dancing. If the foolishly warm weather continues and we have the lodge for the whole day, there will be foolish games during the day, and a "foolish tourney" will be held for armoured combatants outside the lodge.

No animals are allowed on site, unless they are service animals. All open flames (candles, lamps, etc.) must be in non-combustible containers (i.e. no wooden candleholders). Absolutely no alcohol is allowed on site. All minors (aged 17 and younger) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Adults bringing a dish to share pay only $5 at the door (two dishes per couple, please). Adults without a dish for the feast pay $10. Children (aged 17 and younger) pay only $2, and are not required to bring a dish. Cheques can be made out to "SCA Shire of Lyndhaven". No U.S. cheques or U.S. cash, please.

Directions to site:
>From East or West: make your best way to exit 303 of the Trans-Canada highway in New Brunswick. Turn right at the top of the off ramp onto Miramichi Avenue. Continue straight through the first two traffic circles, through the four-way stop (at St. John Ave), and then take the 3 o'clock exit at the next traffic circle, turning on to St. Lawrence Avenue. Continue straight into CFB Gagetown. You are now on Tilley Avenue. At the stop sign at the end of Tilley, turn left onto Ganong Street. On your right, you will see a sign for Camp Argonaut. Turn right onto Nashwaak Avenue. Continue on Nashwaak, past the paved section onto the dirt road, until you get to the very end where you will find the lodge.