[LOC] Baroness's Fighter Auction

Baroness Branwen of Aneala invites all the Armoured and Rapier Combatants to enter the lists in the Baroness's Fighter Auction. Combatants are to choose a "Favourite Bird of Prey" and sponsors are invited to bid for those Birds in order to be a Sponsor for the Day.

Note this is a blind auction. This Tournament is the Premier Fighter's Tournament of the year. Set up from 8.30am, Auction at 10am. Lunch is pot luck. Bring only pop-up tents, please. Prize Donations for the Prize table will be most welcome, preferably gifts made by hand. There will be an Open A&S Competition.

*Event Details*
Event Date :   20/5/2012
Group Hosting Event :   Aneala
Event Name :   Baroness's Fighter Auction
Event Type :   Tournament
Event Time :   8.30am -5pm
Event Site :   Queens Park Reserve, East Cannington WA 6107 AU

*Steward Details*
Steward SCA Name :   Branwen of Werchesvorde
Stewards email :bakerskeep@antiferus.net

*Booking Details*
Booking cost for members :   $4
Booking cost for non-members :   $6
Booking cost for children :   U6 free; up to 16yrs 1/2 price
Cheques payable to :   SCA Aneala
Bookings required :   Yes
Booking deadline :   14/5/2012
Booking contact (SCA name) :   Branwen of Werchesvorde
Booking email :bakerskeep@antiferus.net