[LOC] College War XVIII

Let it be known that the Colleges across the great Kingdom of Lochac, who seek to determine which of their number is the finest, have hence declared war on one another.

This battle shall be met on the fields of the Barony of Politarchopolis, between the 12th and the 16th of July, 2012 Anno Societatus LXVII, at Caloola Farm, south of Tharwa in the ACT.

For College War XVIII, bookings after the 1st of July, 2012, will be at the unbooked rate. The "Daily Rate" includes one night's accommodation.

On Saturday evening, there shall be held the Grand Feast, with bardic competitions and the consumption of those brewing competition entries which the brewers choose to share (for service points, of course).


Booked: $90  |  Unbooked: $100  |  Daily rate (booked): $25  |  Daily rate (unbooked): $30  |  Grand Feast: $20

*SCA Members:*

Booked: $110  |  Unbooked: $120  |  Daily rate (booked): $35  |  Daily rate (unbooked): $40  |  Grand Feast: $30


Booked: $115  |  Unbooked: $125  |  Daily rate (booked): $40  |  Daily rate (unbooked): $45  |  Grand Feast: $35


For bookings, please email Lord Alexander a la Fontayne, including any dietary requirements, and if you are a Collegian (and if so which College), SCA member, or non-member, and any Collegia you wish to run as an A&S entry. alexanderalafontayne@gmail.com


Thursday: Arrivals, soup kitchen dinner

Friday: WAR! Heavy War in the morning, Rapier Brawl in the afternoon.

Saturday: Archery (if possible) in the morning. A&S Competitions and Collegia (see below) in the afternoon (stretching as far back to the morning as required). Grand Feast in the evening.

Sunday: Tourneys. Rapier tourney in the morning, Heavy tourney in the afternoon. For dinner... A BOB AND KATE TAVERN FEAST.

Monday: A fine Breakfast and site cleanup, then a tearful farewell (or a victory march, as appropriate).

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a Bob and Kate feast is one where as many of the participants as feel comfortable with the concept don the garb of the opposite gender. Bearded wenches and saucy lads aplenty.


Victory in College War XVIII will be determined by which College's members best represent the ideals of Prowess, Creativity and Service, the pillars of our Society.

To that end, victory in the War and Tournaments shall contribute points. Exemplary effort in the Arts and Sciences Competitions shall contribute points. Service to the Kingdom and the gathered Collegians shall contribute points.

Any points scored by members of the populace at large shall be awarded to one of the Colleges unrepresented at College War.

At the Bob and Kate Feast on Sunday night, winners shall be announced: the College with the highest number of points, and the College with the highest number of points PER MEMBER PRESENT.

Displays of Prowess

The Colleges shall be invited to demonstrate their martial prowess in war and in tourney.

There shall be a series of Heavy Combat wars, a series of Rapier brawls, a Heavy Combat tournament, and a Rapier tournament. Participants are invited to fight in as many of these as they are fit and able.

If possible, there shall also be archery competitions (both combat archery and target archery). (To be finalised)

Service Points

Points will be awarded for service that helps with the smooth and enjoyable operation of College War.

Things that will earn service points include cleanup, assisting with tourney/war marshalling/listkeeping/heraldry, serving at meals, setting up as required, other "miscellaneous" things that help out.

A&S Competitons

The following A&S College will be run and judged at College War.

   - Run a Collegia on a subject of your choice at College War
   - An item in honour of or to the benefit of your College (including creating College hospit gear)
   - Group heraldic display
   - Personal heraldic display (register your device!)
   - Brewing (College War is legally able to vote and drink!) (quantity to share = service points) (alcoholic and non-alcoholic included)
   - Bardic competition at the Grand Feast (period and perioid categories will be first followed by filk after the first two are completed)
   - A period style drinking vessel of your choice
   - Clothing and accessories, created since last College war. With bonus points for items that can be worn together as a single outfit from the same time and place.
   - Persona research (This could include both research articles and physical items your persona would have owned).
   - Best group dance display.
   - Best galliard variations. (ask your local dance teacher)