Iberian Swordplay Seminar

Gallowglass Academy presents: The Iberian Swordplay Seminar, April 21-22, 2012. Single-handed sword and Greatsword with Eric Myers - Master at Arms and Puck Curtis - Master at Arms

Devils. That's what they thought the Montante men were. The brothers Jorge, Vasco, and Joao de Lima fought for Portugal cutting bodies in half, decapitating, and severing limbs as they flew through the battle like demons clearing the field around them with their flying swords.

This is what the Spanish greatsword tradition instilled in them. It taught how a few men could fight against many using 4 feet of sharpened steel in both hands. The Spanish martial tradition is unified by a theoretical system that applies the science of Aristotle to the weapons of warfare and civil dueling.

During the two-day seminar students will spend the first day learning how to use the sword in one hand and finish with weekend training for a full day with the Iberian greatsword.

I want to add a special note for SCA armored fighters. The Iberian tradition trains the montante player in a series of martial forms called "rules" which are similar to the katas of Asian martial arts. In our experience, SCA armored fighters have grasped these rules very quickly and applied them immediately to their own practice. If you teach armored combat in the SCA and you have been looking for class material from a tradition within the SCA's period, this is a seminar to train devils of the battlefield.

Sincerely and respectfully,
Puck Curtis
Master at Arms - San Jose Fencing Master's Program
(Known in the SCA as Pachomius Oneshoe)


$80 for either day; $140 for two full days
site opens at 9am
after March 24: $100 either day, $200 both days


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P. O. Box 201
Leaf River IL 61047

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