First Annual RBG Pistoleer Shooting Tourney at Estrella War

Can you shoot the wings off a fly at 15 paces? Or perhaps hitting the broadside of a rapier line is more than you can muster?

At Estrella War this year you will have the chance to demonstrate your skill!

Bottom line up front:
What: RBG Pistol Target Shoot
Where: Estrella War, on the Rapier Field
When: Friday, March 30, 2012 about 30-60 minutes after the last scenario for the day

Who is the Estrella War "Pistoleer Grandissimo"?
This year we will find out in the First Annual Pistoleer shooting tourney.
Participants will fire RBG pistols (only pistols), shooting 6 rounds at targets set at 3 distances. They will then fire a timed round at the closest target, firing as many rounds as possible in 30 seconds.

Targets and scoring will be as is done for SCA Archery royal rounds.

All shooters will receive a rank ribbon, with a prize for the Pisoleer Grandissimo

This target shoot mirrors that done by our Target Archers and uses the same scores as the Archers, and shoots at the same targets. The ranges will be different and geared toward shooting a pistol - so much closer.

Ranks awarded from lowest to highest are Powder Monkey, Gunman, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Pistoleer, and Pistoleer Elite and Pistoleer Par Excellence.

Disclaimer: This is for fun and is in no way an official "rank" or in any other way official. Come, shoot at a target, gain the accolades of your peers (or earn their jeers), and have a good time. Don't take things too seriously!

Yours in Service,
Lord Koga no Kenshiro Kagehiro
called TakaGo   
Companion of the Company of the Sable Blade