[EAL] Crown Tournament

As Winter turns to Spring, Ealdormere will be graced with warm sun and soft breezes.  Gentles of the Kingdom will want to know that the Line of the North is Secure. Come one and all to TRM Edward and Rylyn's Crown Tournament! To be held in Their Canton of Caer Draeth

Saturday May 26 2012
Come and see the pageantry of the procession!
Cheer on the honourable combatants as they enter the list to face a field of opponents!
In celebration of the day there will be many tournaments of skill in other areas
Come and shoot the cloth yard shaft at the archery range
Fencers, foil your opponents on a field dedicated to thrust and parry.
Take aim with blades of steel to be the best on our thrown weapons range!
Young gentles, while away the afternoon at Children's Point with games and crafts

All this and more await one and all at Crown Tournament.

Slake your thirst at the Strawberry Fields Public House

Be it known that the Dancing Bear Tavern will be open to feed you lunch and a succulent THREE REMOVE Feast

What's that?  A THREE Remove Feast?  You bet!  Read on, and be prepared to have your appetite whetted!  For just $15/adult ($13 if you book AND pay on or before May 1st)

Contact the Reservations Steward and Book Your Spot Today!  Only 80 spots will be available for feast.