Second International Landsknecht Hurra 2012

The contemporary world of landsknecht re-enactment is as heterogenous as the slashed and hacked cloth worn by its inhabitants. For years there has been dreams and rumors about an international Musterung to bring all sistren and brethren together for one great feast.

Finally a group of mad Germans decided to take on the arduous task and organized Landsknecht Hurra. Now we have reached the second coming of hopefully a long tradition of events to come.

International internal event for historical re-enactment, correspond to the periods end of the 15th until end of the 16thcentury. Without public.

Deadline for registration April 9, 2012.
Payment must be on our bank account April 16, 2012.

Schwarzlachenmoos 1
87466 Oy-Mittelberg / Oberzollhaus


    * Arrival and build up start 12th May 2012 afternoon, until 16th May 2012 12 pm.
      After this point only period tools and methods allowed.
    * The event time: 17th May 2012 00 am until 20th May 2012 12 pm.
      If you have to leave earlier, only period tools and methods are allowed.

We offer

    * 24 hours living historical landsknecht camp.
    * International exchange of living history.
    * Military exercise in the fields.
    * Three “fähnlein” in action.
    * Artillery in action.
    * Archers and crossbows in action.
    * Rifles in action.
    * Historical market in the camp.
    * Food and drinks market next to the camp.
    * Toilets, fresh water.
    * Straw, hay, wood for sale.
    * A tavern – only for prepaid orders.


    * Deadline for registration April 9, 2012.
    * Payment must be on our bank account April 16, 2012.
    * Participation fee is € 30, including badge.
    * For young people from 12 - 18 years € 15, including badge.
    * Children up to 12 years are free. We suggest to pay for them also a badge for € 5.
    * Online registration in the registration form.
    * Groups can order a special registration form and must pay as group.
    * Registered participants that have paid the fee get access to the event forum (in German).