[ATL] Sergeants and Scholars

On April 28, 2012, the Shire of Roxbury Mill welcomes you to Sergeants and Scholars

To whom did the noble warrior turn for their support? The sergeants. Who taught the arts and sciences to the noble warrior? The scholar. Join us for a day of hands on training of classes both martial and collegiate. Our market fields at the abbey are adorned with lists for warriors to make ready to answer our liege lord's call. The forest edge is arranged with tents in which to study the arts and sciences and enhance the skills of our populace.
Martial Activities: Armored and Rapier melee tactics, authorizations with a focus on spear and pole arm. 

Armored combat: Instruction is provided by the Sergeants of St. Aiden supported by Sir Joscelin of Outreamer; melee training in the morning, 3-man bear pit in the afternoon.

Rapier: Rapier melee training and practicum provided by the Provosts of Atlantia, including Baron Alan Gravesend, THL Giacomo Vicenti, THL Dominyk Wolferam, Baron Marcellas Capoziello da Napoli, Baroness Belphoebe de Givet, THL Celric d'Ravelle and Sir Roland de Mounteney to be followed by a warlord tourney in the late afternoon.