[WES] Vikings Discover Japan

On March 31, 2012 we will gather at the Big Lake Lions Club to test our skills in Pearl Diving, Fishing, Celtic/Viking and Japanese style Knot work, Tug-o-rope, Arm Wrestling, Stick pull, Sumo Wrestling, Deck balance, Origami, Looting and more. 

And of course a 5 (five) round, double elim. Tournament with Viking vs. Japanese weapons ie; two handed sword vs. Samari sword, pike vs. naganada, dagger vs. Japanese short sword, etc. and if we are lucky Vorpal Bunnies!! (it is that time of year)
Viking and Japanese teams will be chosen by a bead draw for fighter, men, women, and children so that we have balanced teams and all get to play. Each activity your team mate participates in earns that team another bead so do each one as often as you want.  The team with the most beads by evening court wins the treasure chest to share.
Soups and rice will be provided for mid-day meal. Feast will be Pot-Luck (an extra bead if you bring a theme dish). SCA Names A-G=Starch with meat, H-P=Starch with veggies, Q-Z=Fruit or Cheese dish. Dessert is by Contest=Theme offering from either Viking or Japanese for a prize. There will be both Low and High Tables for feast so bring your pillow if you want to dine Japanese style.
We hope to have a Shadow Puppet show using our "3 Word" game for everyone to participate in after feast to tell how the Vikings found Japan so limber up your imagination too. Their Highness'  plan to attend and would love the rendition.
Site Opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM
Site Fee is $10.00 for adults, $5.00 non-member fee, $5.00 children 6-12. Family cap $30.00.  Make checks payable to SCA, Barony of Selviergard.
Directions to site; Take the Parks Hwy to the Big Lake turn off, Big Lake road to Lions Dr. on right, approx. 3.8 miles, Blue bldg at end. Signs will be out
Autocrat info; Rolinda Standridge, Rolynnda of the Azure Stone, thealaskanphoenix@yahoo.com