Siege Cooking at Lilies War

The Honorable Lady Kateryn de Develyn has written an extensive report on the Siege Cooking Competition at Lilies War.

Her Ladyship Kateryn de Develyn writes:

We had four teams compete this year. And wow! I don't think the teams could have done a better job of overwhelming the judges with their creativity and their expertise. I know I was really happy and proud of what they produced for the judges. We have some great cooks in our Kingdom of Calontir and those who entered and demonstrated their talents in this competition certainly deserve to be listed among the best!

I sat with the judges and tasted everything, although I didn't contribute to the judging other than to make happy noises as I tasted everything. There was nothing served that I wouldn't be happy to have at a feast. These folks came up with some really good tasting stuff! And no duplicate recipes or flavors among all the dishes of the teams. And that was amazing also.

Crystal Mynes - Team 1

  • Salad with Deviled Eggs
  • Bryndens with Strawberries and Ricotta Cheese
  • Fried Chicken Stuffed with Herbs
  • Fava Beans
  • Candied Carrots
  • Green Peas with Onions
  • Wilted Spinach Salad with Bacon Grease Vinaigrette
  • Leek and Chicken Soup
  • Fried Chicken Innards

This team went first - and the judges were amazed at the quantity and quality of the presentation. There was color, textures, flavors and aroma! They candied the carrots with the raw sugar - and it was good! And I'm not that fond of candied carrots. So a -good- coming from me is high praise indeed. The leek and chicken soup was outstanding. Their salad tasted excellent. The fava beans -tasted excellent (I really want their list of ingredients and prep recipe for my personal collection). I would serve those at feast anytime. The Fried Chicken innards were crispy and looked good (as well as tasting good - I think I had to try them oh three or four times before I could adequately judge them ;-) sitting on their bed of spinach.

Ameleth Moor - 15th/16th Century English Sources

  • Pot Roasted Chicken
  • Chicken Breast with Braised Leeks
  • Soup
  • Salad
  • Peas with Ginger
  • Glazed Carrots
  • Strawberries with Cream Sauce
  • Chicken Breast with Fava Beans and Hard-boiled Eggs

This team presented their entry by carrying in their own table top loaded with the dishes and heralding their entry. It was tres cool! They also explained that they presented hard-boiled eggs to show that they had eggs to spare... and to fool the enemy into thinking their larder was much more well-stocked than it was. The braised leeks were excellent!. The peas with ginger were flavorful. The pot roasted chicken was to die for. I thought the fava beans tasted very good! And glazed carrrots made with raw sugar were a treat! I'm going to use raw sugar from now for glazing carrots.

Iron Chef Goes Medieval -Platina

  • First Service - Salad with Herb Vinaigrette and Poppy Seeds
    Flat bread with Herbs and Ricotta
  • Second Service - Fillet Chicken rolled around an herb and ricotta mix
    Sweet Fritters flavored with apple slices
    Fava Beans with Currents
  • Third Service - Soup - Leeks, Herbs, onions, peas, apples
    Savory Fritters
  • Final Service- Strawberries with Sliced Apples and sweetmeats (sugared nuts)
    Persian Tea
  • This team surprised us by offering Persian Tea (tea made from spices and herbs) that was extremely refreshing. And their sekanjabin was excellent too! They also were the first to present their dishes by service. The herb and ricotta mix which the filled chicken was wrapped around was so good - I was ready to run off with it screaming mine, all mine. They also presented three breads in the form of fritters and flat breads. the Sweet fritters were really good. The Savory ones were good also. And the flat bread - I could have taken more of it home with me.

    Fried Brains - Apicus

    • Gustum - chicken liver Pate
      Carrot Chips (fried carrot shavings)
      Cold Minted Chicken
      Carrot Salad
    • Primus
      Chicken Apicus (on a stick)
      Sweetened Apples
    • Secondus
      Stuffed Chicken
      Peas with Bacon
      Leeks and Apples
      Firebrand Chicken/Bean Soup
    • Finale
      Compote of early First Fruits (strawberries)
      Crostatta di Ricotta (cheesecake)

    This team had a recipe from Apicus for every dish they made. They also presented it in services. The Gustum was excellent. They somehow managed to sliver the carrots for the carrot salad. The dressing on it was good. The chicken liver pate - I would serve at a cocktail party. And they found time in their two hours to not only cook the chicken but also to chill it in their ice chests to serve it cold. The chicken on the stick was well-seasoned. The peas with bacon were tasty. And their Crostatta although still warm was excellent. I could easily have eaten half or more of it in a sitting by myself.

    The winning team was Fried Brains. I didn't envy the judges in having to make their decisions. I'm just happy I got to taste all the dishes.

    My judges were: HE Mistress Diana, HL Bronwyn, and L Padraig. They were a knowledgeable crew of judges and did not hesitate to taste any of the dishes. They truly had a hard job. The teams were fairly evenly matched just by looking at the quantity and quality of dishes each produced.

    The competition was scored on:
    Possible - Description 20 - Medieval recipe used as source for each dish
    10 - Medieval Presentation
    50 - Flavor/Texture/Appearance/Aroma
    10 - Using Fresh Herbs that can be seen growing onsite (herbs must be store-bought or homegrown (ie: not harvested/picked onsite) - state/park laws)
    10 - Judges discretion
    10 - Bonus points for limiting it to a single time period/country

    The teams were allowed to go pick up their siege supplies in half-hour intervals. They had two hours to prepare and then present back to the judges their entry. This allowed the judges a half-hour each to judge a team's entry. This also worked well in having all the teams get the same amount of cooking time.

    I had a lot of fun sponsoring this competition. I hope everyone who participated had fun also.

    Thank you to the Lilies Team that allowed me to hold this competition.

    The whole report is located on the website. It includes photos. Click on photos to view larger ones.

    Kateryn de Develyn