Driving Directions for Great Northeastern War Updates

The staff of the Great Northeastern War, which will take place in July in East Hebron, ME, has announced changes in the driving directions.

Anne Washburne writes:

With Great Northeastern War less than a month away, we would like to advise everyone who will be our guests at the event of a slight change, and an error in the Pikestaff.

The exit numbers on The Maine Turnpike have all been changed to new mileage-based exit numbers, and the highway designation for The Maine Turnpike itself has been changed from I-495 to I-95. Although the directions may seem a bit different, we assure you that the site has not changed. If you've attended the event since our move to the campground in 2001, you will still be going the same way, to the exact same place.

The July Pikestaff may contain the old exit numbers and the old highway designation. The Maine Turnpike Authority has been very pro-active in putting up signs and generally advising travelers of both the new and old exit numbers, so anyone using the July Pikestaff to get to our event should not have a problem.

However, the most up-to-date directions can be found either at: http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=755 or at: http://www.gnewar.org/directions.html

Anytime you have questions of any kind about our event, please feel free to visit http://www.gnewar.org/, or (if your question is not answered there) contact the autocrat, Lord Matthew St John, at autocrat@gnewar.org.

Thank you!

The Staff of Great Northeastern War

** Please free to forward this message far and wide, to whomever you think might need the information in it **