[LOC] Tajiine Tourney

Mordenvale presents Tajiine Tourney April 28, 2012 at Jesmond Park in Jesmond NSW

The event will be set up in Jesmond Park, near the car park off Robinson Avenue {nearest intersection is Charlton st}. This event will be down hill from the Newcomer's site.

Please bring a plate of food to share for a pot luck lunch. Dishes of a Middle Eastern flavour, to match the event theme, will be especially welcome. Please wear garb - Turkish and Middle Eastern style clothing will help set up the theme. Remember to bring mosquito repellant, sunscreen, feasting gear including a cup, something to sit on and anything else to help create a Middle Eastern mood.

12:00 Set up your chairs, shade tents and cushions. Put your food on the shared table.
12:30 Lists open and armour inspections take place. Put A&S entries on the display table.
1:00  Tourney will begin. A&S judging begins.

A&S Competitions
*A Shield covering (pictures are fine, if you want to fight with your new shield - just give the judges a quick look before the tourney).
*A New Item for Festival

*Event Details*
Event Date :   28/4/2012
Group Hosting Event :   Mordenvale
Event Name :   Tajiine Tourney
Event Type :   Tourney and pot luck lunch
Event Time :   12 noon - 4 p.m.
Event Site :   Jesmond Park; entry via car park off Robinson Avenue, Jesmond NSW 2299 AU

*Steward Details*
Steward SCA Name :   Heilwich Gheerts
Stewards email :heilwich.gheerts@gmail.com

*Booking Details*
Booking cost for members :   $2
Booking cost for non-members :   $2
Booking cost for children :   0-12 years = free
Bookings required :   No
Booking deadline :   1/1/2012