Special Edition of the Estrella War Digest

Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, how could help the Chirurgeons who work so long and hard at Estrella War?” Well, ponder no more for there is a way for you to help.  We are in need of Chirurgeon Clerks. NOTE: This issue also contains an announcement about pre-registration at Crown Tournament.

Chirurgeon Clerks are not Chirurgeons; they assist the Chirurgeons by doing paperwork, contacting the Chirurgeon as needed, and by being that soothing voice that says: “We can help you, please sit here.”

Friday- Sunday
Volunteer anytime    
2 hour shifts or more
18 and older

Please contact Mistress Eden Blacksmith: edenblacksmith @ yahoo . com (remove spaces) for more information.

Mistress Eden Blacksmith
“Gratias ago vos pro volunteering”


Feed a Medic!

If you are attending Estrella and are interested in hosting the EMS personnel for a meal (or meals) please contact Lord Ali or Mistress Elspeth Anne at chirurgeon @ atenveldt . org (remove spaces)


Greetings unto the populace of Atenveldt!!!

Are your documents for pre-registration for Estrella War still laying around? Did you miss the Royal Courier’s deadline for delivery of those papers?

The King and Queen of Atenveldt being kind and just have decided to give their populace one final chance to pre-register for Estrella War.

In the Lands of the barony of T