[ART] Spring Crown Tourney

The Barony of Gryphon’s Lair has the distinct honor and pleasure of hosting Their Majesties' Sean & Nisa Spring Crown Tournament to determine the heirs to the Gryphon Thrones. April 7, 2012

Davis Legacy Events Center - 151 S. 1100 W. Farmington, UT 84025.
Site opens at 9am and closes at 10pm

Site fees:
Ages 16+ $8, 6-15 $5, 0-5 free, Family Cap $25. MNS $5 applies to each individual 16+, not included in the family cap.


From the North on I15 take exit 325; Park Lane, turn right and follow that road to site.

From the South on I15 take exit 322; Farmington, stay to the right at the split, turn left at State street and left at 1100 W.

Both Directions have the Brown State signs for ‘Davis Legacy Events Center’.

There will be a kingdom fundraiser lunch of chili or soup with bread for your afternoon sustenance. $3/serving. 

Please contact the Lunch coordinator if you are willing to donate chili, soup or breads.

There will be a dinner break and plenty of off board room for dinning. Times TBD.

There are plans for a variety of activities for our youth and if Mother Nature smiles upon us some fun thrown weapons.

By Royal decree
Opening Court will commence at 10 am sharp with the Processional & Presentation of the combatants & consorts as the final order of business. Combatants must be checked in prior to being presented.

The Bard of Artemisia Competition will occur following the dinner break and during a Dessert Ball.

Artemisians bring your best/favorite finger food desserts to share on the sideboard while we dance and are entertained by the wondrous talents of those vying for the title of Bard of Artemisia.

There will be a Tournament of Roses open to ALL fighters, scheduled to start immediately following opening court and those competing in the list are encouraged to participate.

Their Majesties intend to meet with the Peers of the realm following the conclusion of the list.  The time and order of Peer circles will be determined the day of the tournament.

Format of the list shall be a pooled list to determine the quarter-finalists.  The list will continue as single-elimination, best two of three fights for the quarter, semi and final rounds.  Each combatant may fight with their weapons of choice for the entirety of the list.  There will be no specified restrictions regarding thrusting tips or types of weapons.  However, individual weapons are subject to inspection and approval by the marshallate and the Crown.  The Crown will be allowing additional bye fighters to contest in the pools.   All bye fights will be considered destructive.  Anyone who wishes to compete as a bye fighter is welcome to contact the Crown for consideration in the list.

Letters of Intent with Entrant forms and copies of All cards (membership & combat authorization) must be RECEIVED by March 24th 2012.

Send them to TRM Sean & Nisa, who would prefer hard copies, electronic copies will be accepted.

Contact information on the Kingdom Website.

The List Minister – Mst Sajah al ish Shiraziyyah and Acting Kingdom Seneschal - Baroness Juliana nic Lachlainn– electronic or hard copy - Contact information in officers section of the Kingdom Website

Event Steward
Maestro Azir de Lucera - azir.de.lucera at aol.com

Lunch/Dessert Coordinator
HL Gwynnyth – ladygwynnyth at aol.com

Anyone willing to assist with the event in any way, please contact The Event Steward.

We are in need of people to help with

  • Set up, Tear down, Marshalling
  • Donations of food for the lunch and the dessert ball
  • Also, youth activities, the lunch fundraiser, shifts at troll