[ART] Equestrian Practice

We will be holding an equestrian practice and possibly an IKEqC the day after Crown Tournament. The site is very easy to find. We will be using the indoor arena on the same site as Crown  Tournament.

Handy, yes? We will be there from 10 am-3pm for riding. If you would like to bring a horse with you, stalls are available for $15 per night, bedding included. I need to know in advance if you will be bringing a horse  down to stay overnight so I can arrange for stalls and the appropriate  insurance. I need to know by this coming Tuesday, February 22, if
anyone needs  a stall. Unfortunately, there is a cutting horse event going on Saturday, so  any horses who are not involved in that are not going to be able to use any of  the riding arenas if they arrive on Saturday. At this point, we don't have  loaner horses available, it's bring your own horse.

Due to the fact  that we don't own a list down here (working on it), there will be no jousting. We will be doing mainly games and general riding. I am super excited and would  appreciate any help or input.

If you wish to participate in the IKEqC,  (Interkingdom Equestrian Challenge), you will need to be a paid SCA member  with the appropriate equestrian authorization. If you are not authorized and  would like to be, please contact me so we can arrange a time to do that ahead  of time. I don't want to be trying to run a practice, and IKEqC, AND do  authorizations on site. You can familiarize yourself with the rules at :
_http://sca.org/officers/equestrian/policy.html_ (http://sca.org/officers/equestrian/policy.html)  Click on the link for Equestrian handbook. Please note that if you wish to  compete in IKEqC, you and your horse will need to be in garb.

If you  would just like to come see what we do, or bring your horse and ride with us,  that would be fine too. Again, please familiarize yourself with the rules,  even if you do not wish to compete.

Thanks a bunch, and can't wait to  see you all there!

Hanne (wandering Equestrian marshall)

ps- If  you have questions, you can email me privately MsWidow91@aol.com or speak to me at Gryphon's Lair  Fighter Practice.