Pirates needed for Gulf Coast Renaissance Fair

The Gulf coast Renaissance Fair will present The First Annual Gulf Coast Pirate Festival 9 – 10 June 2012 at the Pensacola fair Grounds. This is your opportunity to come “Play where the real Pirates play.”

For those ‘patron players’ who wish to dress and participate in the entertainment and festivities, there will be plenty of opportunities to play as ‘Pirate Performers’, stage hands, camera and sound crew. Join the cast of Krew and players by getting on the list now.
For ‘patron players’ who sign up entry to the Pirate Festival is free. Your help and participation is more than welcome.
There will be a ‘casting call’ held on 24 March 2012, at the Pensacola Fairgrounds, for those wishing to perform.
For more information, those interested in adding to the ambiance and entertainment are invited  to contact the Entertainment Director, Kenneth Myers (aka; Lord Osmanli Suleyman Hoja), email: Moonshadow90@hotmail.com.
Let us know your talents and what you are willing to help with.