[ATL] War of the Wings

War of the Wings is proudly hosted by the Barony of the Sacred Stone with the generous help and support of many Atlantian volunteers. This year's principle opponents are the Barony of Nottinghill Coill versus the Barony of Marinus.

As always, this year will be a wonderful experience with all that War of the Wings traditionally has to offer, and this year the fun starts even earlier!! Starting on Wednesday, October 1th the site will come alive with gallant equestrian games, amazing arts & sciences, ferocious melees with siege weapons, live performances, archery, children's activities, shopping, parties... the list goes on.

October 10-14, 2012 at Elchenburg Castle
Boonville, North Carolina

Pre-registration deadlines:
ACCEPS Sept 15, 2012 or via Postal Service Sept 20, 2012

Proper registration makes everybody happy! Please follow ALL processes completely and early for maximum happiness.
Reservations are accepted online via ACCEPS, from March 1, 2012 until September 15, 2012. If you do not specify a group camp, single camping will be available. Group camping is not available without prior arrangements. Once your reservation has been received, go to the Land Steward page. Fill out the form to register for land in your group's encampment.

If you prefer to mail in your reservations, you can print out a PDF Registration form. You'll also need to print out the PDF Camping Registration form. Please fill out the forms and enclose a CHECK or MONEY ORDER made out to to SCA Inc., Barony of the Sacred Stone and mail to:

   Lord Edmund Hawkesworth

Mailed-in reservations must be postmarked by
September 20, 2012.
Before September 20th, 2012     After Sept. 20th and at Gate
Adults - $15     Adults - $20
Youth 12-17 - $6     Youth 12-17 - $6
Children 11 and Younger are Guests of the Barony     Children 11 and Younger are Guests of the Barony
Non-Member Fee - $5     Non-Member Fee - $5
Family cap - $42     Family cap - $42


Written refund requests must be made by September 20, 2012. Refunds needed due to extenuating circumstances received after that date will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Refunds will be issued within 10 days of the event books being closed. Verbal requests will not be honored unless accompanied by a written request (email is acceptable), sent to Lord Edmund Hawkesworth.


If you any questions about registration or land assignments, please contact the Reservationist at Edmund.Hawkesworth@yahoo.com.