Schedule Special Events for Estrella XX

Mistress Meadhbh ní Dhubhthaigh, Special Events Coordinator for next year's Estrella War, invites registration for special events which need to be scheduled for specific venues.

Mistress Meadhbh writes:

Greetings! Feb 16-21 of *2005* seems like a long ways off, but it will be here before you know it! I am the Special Events Coordinator for EW XXI. I would like to invite any gentles who wish to schedule time in the Grand Court Pavilion, Tourney Fields, or on the Battlefields (outside of scheduled battle times of course!) to contact me with their requests. Special Events that use other venues (such as Baronial Pavilions) are also welcome to be listed on the Special Events page.

Note: Weddings are considered a separate category of Special Event; there will be an EW XXI Wedding Coordinator who will handle those.

Mistress Meadhbh ní Dhubhthaigh, OL