[EAL] Winter War

Winter War, March 3, 2012 10:00 am - 11:00 p.m.

Adult - $10 *
Less than 13 years - $5
Less than 5 Years - free
Family Cap - $30
*Plus $5.00 Non-member fee if applicable

Feast Fees
Adults: $13.00
5-13: $6.00

Wilfrid Jury Public School
950 Lawson Road
London, Ontario

Arts and Science Activities

Planning a Scrumptious Feast THL Kiar of Auburn
Make your feast one to remember. The food, the atmosphere... how do you get it just right? It's all in the planning.    

So you wanna be a Kingdom Scribe Asa Gormsdottir
Tips and Procedures to make it work for you. This session includes both an introduction and time for Q&A.    

Bardic Circle
Bring your song books and join in, or just come to listen to your favourite songs. You can print out your own copy of Cry of the Wolf Volume 1 from here on the Kingdom Website or you can download a version for your e-reader.
(If you have any issues with the e-book contact A&S Coordinator)    

Open dance will be held in the afternoon. There will also be a few social circle dances after feast no experience necessary, and all are welcomed to join, but we ask that all children have a parent present.    

A&S Round Table
Details still being finalized.    

Hnefatafl Tournament
Come and play a period board game, whether you know how to play or need to learn, all are welcomed to enter this afternoon tournament. All ages can participate, however a parent must be present at all times for any children to play.    

Please note that children are welcomed to participate in the above activities but a parent must be present at all times

Marshal Activities
Heavy Fighting

    Inspections/Authorizations at 10:30am
    Fighting begins at 11:30am.
    Tournament #1 The Race to 15 Points

    Each team must pick an authorized combatant
    Any form can be used
    1 point for a win
    Double kills both lose, no points, and new combatants are needed

    Tournament #2 Best of 9 Styles

    Each team must pick an authorized combatant in the form
    The rounds will be:

  •         Single Sword
  •         Sword & Dagger
  •         Two Daggers
  •         Sword & Cloak
  •         Cloak & Dagger
  •         Sword & Rigid Parry
  •         Dagger & Rigid Parry
  •         Case Swords
  •         Single Dagger

    1 point for a win
    Double kills both lose, no points, and new combatants are needed

    Tournament #3:
Team Melee (Depending on team sizes & space)

    Last team standing wins
    May do best of 3 or 5 depending on time

Lives Tournament
Each Combatant has a number of live determined by the number of years you have been fencing:

    under 2 years 4 lives
    2-5 years 3 lives
    -9 years 2 lives
    10+ years 1 life
    Double Kills both are dead and lose a life

The team that has less people will get 1 extra life for each person above theirs on the other team to use for anyone on the team but must be used fairly equal on the team.


Our new site is smaller than our former one, and as such we ask that you reduce your personal presences accordingly. There is no space for carpets or large personal tables. Feast boxes and banners are encouraged though!

Feb. 13 - Feast by Baroness Margaret will be $13 for adults, $6 for children. Our themed feast is The Spoils of War. The menu may include the flesh of beef, chicken, pork, and/or fish.
*Please contact the feastocrat for allergy concerns.

HEAVY FIGHTING: Inspections/Authorizations at 10:30am, Fighting begins at 11:30am.


    Hwy 402 to "Wonderland Road" Exit
    Head North on Wonderland Approx 20 Minutes
    Turn LEFT on Lawson Road (one block past Sarnia Road)
    #950 on the left.

Wulfgang Donnerfaust & Marrin von Waldburg