Viking Longship presentation at Toledo Museum of Art

"Dragons of the North: The World of Viking Longships" is the title of a presentation being given at the Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio on March 16 at 7:30 pm. Admission is free.

John R. Hale, director of liberal studies at the U. of Louisville (KY) will trace the ancestry of Viking ships all the way back to sewn-plank canoes of the Scandinavian Bronze Age, and show the links between these remarkable ships and the watercraft of the Pacific and central Africa.

Viking ships are among the most remarkable artifacts in the realm of archaeological discovery, dominating European history for the three centuries between 800 and 1100. They were used as warships, trading craft, and vessels of exploration and colonization. A most ambitious project in the field of experimental archaeology has involved the reconstruction and sea trials of many Viking ship types.

Co-sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of Amerca-Toledo Society.