[WES] St. Valentine's Day Massacre

As Winter comes to an end, and spring fast approaches, we turn our efforts to preparing for the coming raiding season. The time for raids, war and battle are fast approaching! 

Now is the time to come together and prepare for the season of smiting our foes and absconding with their sheep and riches.  With this in mind the Barony of Winter's Gate would like to invite the warriors of Oertha and all of those that would travel and raid with them to a weekend of fighting skill development and camping prep work with Duke Skeggi and his Lady!  We will be hosting the St. Valentine's Day Massacre on 18 and 19 February. 

This event is focused on developing fighting techniques and working on projects that will extend the pageantry and enhance the atmosphere at events.  All are welcome to join us! Here follows a brief and flexible timeline of events for the weekend, please note that things will be adjusted as needed for those participating in the classes.

Site fee is donations for a fund to bring up seasoned fighters from other lands for future events.  Meals will be at your own leasure.
0900- Gruening classroom #306 opens at UAF
1000- Discussion on Courtesy and Chivalry lead by the Knights of Oertha
1100- Discussion on creating favors and the duties and responsibilities of a Consort
1200-1330- Lunch Break
1330-1630: Hands on Skill development for Heavy and Rapier Fighters at UPARK gym  (There will be some recording of technique and classes for future review)
1330-1630: Beginning designs of retaining walls in classroom at UAF
                    Creating Heraldic Displays- Banner making and creating templates for future use (bring a copy of your device!)
1700- Site closes- (not flexible, unforunately....)
1900- Bardic at Sir Kenric's home- bring your songbook, a beverage and a snack to share
0900- UPARK classroom #151 opens
0930-1200 Making surcoats- If you want to have a surcoat made please be sure to bring 3-5 yds (depending on your size and body shape and complexity of pattern) of cotton bottom weight fabric in you choice of color.  There will be scissors and sewing machines available as well as individuals to assist with development and construction.
1000-1200  Begin painting retaining walls- please wear comfortable clothes and not garb! (please note we will be using acrylic paints for those with allergies)
(During the morning please share with all the ways that you have found to make your encampment more period!)
1200-1300- Lunch Break
1300-1630 Hands on Skill development for Heavy and Rapier Fighters at UPARK gym  (There will be some recording of technique and classes for future review)
1300-1630 Continue with banner making, painting retaining walls, and surcoat construction
1700- Site closes
Baroness Gwyneth Rhiannon of the Sea
Please feel free to call or email me it you have any questions, concerns or need more information!  We look foward to seeing our fellow Oerthans come and partake in this opportunity to learn from His Grace Duke Skeggi and our own fierce Oerthan Knights!