Youth activities at Estrella War

Ladies Aiedel O'hEachthigheirn and Edeline de Diekirche, Kingdom Youth Officer for the Kingdom of Atenveldt and Estrella War, provide information on youth activities at the upcoming War.

Aiedel and Edeline write:

Greetings Far and Wide from the Youth Activities Coordinators for the Kingdom of Atenveldt and Estrella WAR!!!:

Estrella War is fast approaching and the Kingdom Youth Activities Office has scheduled three days of fun and memorable activities to teach and entertain the youth of all kingdoms! We need as many hands as we can get to make this happen. PARENTS, and others interested in investing in the youth of our glorious kingdom, follow the link below to the excel sign up sheet. You will find a schedule of planned activities, days and times and can sign up for a workshop that is convenient for you! 

Those of you with the coveted background check; WE REALLY NEED YOU to make this
event happen for our youth. The more volunteers we have, the better quality experience our children will have and we can share the responsibilities so all are able to enjoy the war.  *What this means is, the plan is not to have any one or two people "held hostage" at the youth center.  We encourage your participation for your children, because if we don't have the needed volunteers, these activities will be cancelled.

They are depending on you! 
IMPORTANT: For privacy and security purposes,when signing up on the roster you only need your SCA name and Barony for contact info, HOWEVER, we ask you provide your personal contact info off list to the Kingdom Youth Office at the email address below. This information will be kept confidential. You can also e-mail the Youth Coordinator to request materials or offer suggestions. 
In Humble Service,
Lady Aiedel O'hEachthigheirn
Kingdom Youth Officer 
Lady Edeline de Diekirche
Deputy Youth Officer