Booking for Rowany Festival

Sorle Maknicoll, Booking Officer for the 2012 Rowany Festival, reports that the booking deadline for this year's Festival is fast approaching.

Sorle Maknicoll writes:

Greetings unto the Populace of Lochac,

Due to the early-April date for Festival (April 5-10, 2012), and the 14-day payment window for direct deposit or cheque/money order postage due to credit card payments no longer being available, Festival bookings close in a little over three weeks.

As booking officer, for both last Festival and this, I attempted to make the process as straight-forward and all-inclusive as I could manage. In my head, the simplest process is download the form, fill it out, email it back. You get a reference number, and you quote that when you make a payment through internet banking. That's the ideal - but if you can't do one or more of those things, we can still cater to you!

The form, while designed to be filled out on the computer and emailed, can be printed and posted. The form is available [at the link below].

On the second page, after the email address, you are given my postal address: PO Box 1000, GLENQUARIE NSW 2564, AUSTRALIA. If you don't have internet access, I can ring you with the confirmation details (please include a note telling me to ring instead of email, with a preferred time of day). With these details you can walk into a Westpac branch and make a deposit, or post a cheque or money order.

Please, let your internet-deprived friends know - print a booking for them even! I have tried as best I can to make sure that the process can work for everyone. Don't let the apparent skew towards technology stymie your ability to book for the greatest event on the Lochac calendar!

Please note, the above is also true for equipment bookings (which are now being taken). Equipment bookings required an attendance booking, but if they are send at the same time that will also be accepted. The direct link to the booking form is available [at the link below].

Yours in Service,

Sorle Maknicoll
Booking Officer
Rowany Festival 2012