[DRA] Meadowmarsh Boot Camp

The shire of Meadowmarsh is hosting a boot camp at the weekend of the 16th – 18th March 2012. The site opens Friday night at 18.00 and closes Sunday at 12:00.

This event is mainly for fighting and fencing. We’ll provide classes, individual coaching - if possible, new ideas, and plenty of time for fighting.

Site is the gym in Düdelsheim, please bring sneakers for indoors as well as boots or equivalent for outdoors.

We will provide heated crashspace indoors as well as simple meals.

Site fee is 15 Euro.

People without armour can still take part in classes (unless they include full contact) but should bring at least a wooden stick of sword length and protective gloves.
We might be able to provide armour for people that don’t have their own, but we need to know at least 2 weeks in advance.

The event is traditionally paid at the gate, but for good preparation we need preregistration. Please send your registration to Aelric_of_battle@yahoo.de, providing at least the following data:

Your name(s):
time of arrival:
time of departure:
Do you want to take part in heavy fighting or fencing and are you authorised?

Aelric of Battle

Turnhalle Düdelsheim, Schulstrasse 12 63654 Büdingen, Tel. 06041/50250

Find your best way to the A45 between Giessen and Hanau.
Take the exit Altenstadt/Büdingen.
Turn towards Büdingen.
Follow that road for about 3 km until you reach Düdelsheim.
At the Gas-Station in Düdelsheim turn right into the “Schulstrasse”.
Follow that road about 600 meters. Then the gym (Turnhalle) is on the right.
If you see a school on the right side you drove about 80 metres too far!