SCA: “4H for Medieval Enthusiasts”

Caylie Sadin, a reporter for NewCity, "Chicago’s only locally owned and operated cultural weekly," recently spent a day at Twelfth Night, an SA event in the Middle Kingdom. Her observations and interviews with SCA members are recorded in a January 27, 2012 article.

Sadin spoke with Katherine von Scholsserwald about her research into 13th century Yorkshire peasant houses, Juliana Peri da Novellara about costuming, and Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza about SCA culture. Da Vicenza said, “It’s not like a Renaissance Fair for outsiders to consume, and it’s not like Civil War reenactments, in which every aspect needs to be as accurate as possible. Everyone has their projects: cooking, lace-making, singing, costuming, fighting, jewelry making, equestrian. They come and show off their projects and then everyone has a meal together, like 4H.”