[MID] Quest for No Man's Land & Midlands Regional A&S Faire

In the wild and as yet untamed lands within the Midlands, a spark is struck. Will you help it grow? In the waning of winter, all are invited to venture forth from their warm hearths to test their mettle both with weapons of strengths and honor, and by wit and skill in the arts and sciences.

Join us in the Quest for No Man’s Land, as we kindle the spark into a light that shines bright in the Midlands like a star in the night sky for all the Kingdoms of the Known world to see.

Lord Gunnarr Alfljot

Co Autorcrat/Class Coordinator :
Lady Hendrikje Novella Duin

$6 adults, $3 ages 6-12, Free under 5. $5 non-member surcharge

Please make checks payable to "SCA-IL, Inc. Shire of Blackhawk"

Warren Jr/Sr High School
311 Water Street
Warren, IL 61087

A&S Competition
This is the Midlands Regional Arts and Sciences Competition. Come One and All, bring your projects for judging. There is a great deal of talent in the Midlands and we had a great turnout last year, let’s make this year even better!

Enter A & S Faire

General Rules for Participation in the Middle Kingdom A&S Faire

Middle Kingdom A&S Criteria

We also can always use judges.

There is limited merchant space, but merchants are certainaly welcome to attend. The merchant fee is $5. While chairs can be provided, there is a limited number of tables. Please contact baronaoc@aol.com for reservations and more information before February 10.

Confirmed Merchants

  • Hoard Silver
  • Gallowglass Academy
  • Traditional Treasures
  • Faust Blades
  • Antina's Uniques and Costuming.    

Heavy Fighting

We will be hosting a ribbon style tourney. You want to fight alot...now is your chance! Each fighter will be given 3 ribbons when they enter the lists. Fighters will challenge each other and winner will be awarded one ribbon from the loosing participant. The question is, what do you do if you have lost all your ribbons and want to still fight? Get More! By donating $1 you will receive 3 more ribbons for your fighting pleasure. All proceeds from the ribbon tourney will be donated to the Midrealm Royal Travel Fund!

Rapier Fighting

Calling all A&S mavens with skills to share and a passion to teach! We have five classrooms available for A&S instruction. To teach your class at Quest for No Man's Land & Midlands Regional A&S Faire, please contact Lady Hendrikje (Janna Bailey) at ladyhendrikje@gmail.com or 815-871-6980. (No calls after 9:00 PM CST, please.)

Lord Gunnarr’s Official Challenge to Blackhawk Shire

As a past Midlands A&S Champion, and winner of the Pentathalon, I have what it takes to succeed in the Arts and Sciences. However, I have as yet taken up arms, and would challenge the members of Blackhawk Shire, that if thy members compete in this year’s Midlands Arts & Sciences Competition, I shall train to test my skill at arms in an upcoming tournament within the Midlands. Tournament participation shall be within 90 days of Authorization in a particular style in a tournament in the Midlands. While there are four styles as I understand it (Thrown Weapons, Archery, Rapier, and Heavy), I will compete in one style at 40% A&S particpation, two styles at 60%, three styles at 80%, and all four at 100%. It will take some time to gather weapons, and authorizations, but I believe in the talents of the members of Blackhawk Shire. Please encourage these most honorable members of the Shire to show their skills in Arts and Sciences, as they do on the field of battle.