[NOR] Bardic Madness XXII

The Shire of Rokeclif is calling all bards, scalds, jongleurs, troubadours, poets, lutenists, choristers, tootlers, and patrons to a day of performance arts. Saturday, March 24, 2012 is the date.

The fabulous Days Hotel and Conference Center on French Island in LaCrosse, Wisconsin is the location.King Gambrinus Please mention that you’re coming to Bardic Madness when you make your room reservation.

Plans are being made for  a full day of bardic challenges and a night of on-site revelry.  Yes, we’ll sing till the cows come home.  Classes? We have lots of room for classes on any bardic subject. Please contact Mistress Eithni if you’d like to teach.The schedule is pretty typical for Bardic Madness. If you haven’t been to a Bardic Madness, the schedule page has a bit of an explanation of some of our esoteric vocabulary.

A catered feast is being arranged, and, though there are many places where one might acquire lunch, the autocrats recommend Heroes — the on-site bar where the bouncer is no less than King Gambrinus himself!

As plans develop, so will these pages.  Please bear with us. (In other words, “Bear bones.”)  Everything on the website can be found with the drop-down fly-out menus above, but if you hate them as much as I do you can click on the linked text.

Day's Hotel and Conference Center
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
9AM until the cows come home

Who’s in charge here?

Provost of Bardic Madness — Mistress Eithni ingen Talorgain  (baronesseithni at yahoo  dot com) Contact Eithni with questions about patronage, classes, and other program-y things.

Autocrat of Bardic Madness — Lady Bronislàva of the Shattered Seax  (zvpeyronne at yahoo dot com) Contact Bronislavá with questions about the site, the feast, requirements, loaner garb, and the need for more cowbell.

Preregistration is in the hands of  THL Kudrun Pilegrim.  There’s a form of sorts here on the website, though you don’t have to use it — just send us the info. Preregistration is required for feast, but not for the event itself.